Additional Questions from 7/29/21 Town Hall

Additional questions from July 29, 2021 President’s Town Hall that panelists did not get to answer before the town hall ended. 

Will employees be allowed to telecommute if they must quarantine?

Just to be clear, will we be teaching in-person classes in the Fall semester with both faculty and students wearing a mask?  

The signage at the new building at the Henderson campus reads, ‘The Betty Engelstad…’ but leaves off Mr. Ralph Engelstad. The School of Health Sciences at CSN is called, ‘The Ralph and Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences.’ Why is it different in Henderson?

Recognizing that COVID-19 is very dynamic, are there predetermined conditions that will trigger hybrid classes becoming remote? Will faculty and/or students be able to decide together when they are uncomfortable enough to meet less than published?

We will soon start having new student employees returning to our departments, will they be required to fill out the return to campus protocols form? If so, where can they access it to complete it?

Who will be enforcing mask mandates on campus?

Do we practice COVID contact tracing @ CSN?

If you don’t have an office, but are in your own cubicle, is it ok to take off your mask while in your cubicle?

During this time, are people currently at risk of losing their tenure track jobs that are under ADA & FMLA accommodations for unusually high risk of COVID19 complications and being required to work from home as signed off by a physician?

For those who cannot attend convocation in person but are at the North Las Vegas campus, will they be able to purchase items from the food trucks out of pocket?

Will we need to wear our masks while actively teaching in the classroom on campus?

The UC system is mandating vaccinations. Does the chancellor have the authority or inclination to enact mandatory vaccinations to attend in person classes?

What are the chances that we will be returning to a distance learning model or hybrid model?

Has there been any discussion about reducing classroom capacity for the fall

NSHE allows professional staff sick leave for “personal illness”. Does personal illness include mental illness or only physical illness? It seems some supervisors/divisions allow the use of sick leave for mental health issues while others require use of vacation time for those struggling with mental health issues. Thank you for clarifying.

Is there a projection about the demand for online classes vs classroom? Also, do we have estimates about how many students we expect that have not yet registered for classes? It is very challenging to adjust schedules in this ever changing landscape. Thanks for any guidance.

Will an instructor be required to wear a face mask while actually lecturing, or can they remove the mask while talking?

Does the new Telecommuting Policy effect academic faculty or just administrative faculty.

If our supervisor approves the telecommuting schedule for our department, do we need to wait until our request has been signed by everyone before beginning to work from home?

Will there be any possible requirements for staff, faculty, or students to get a vaccine?

Why isn’t there more prominent signage showing where the COVID vaccines and tests are being conducted? Speaking specifically for the NLV campus, community members entering from the NE end of campus (by the T building) have no idea where to go on campus. Even the signage that use to be on Cheyenne Ave is spotty. Will this change?

There’s lots of mixed messages, with executive leadership saying not 100% in person but that is NOT the message many of us are receiving. What are we doing to communicate what the plan for fall actually is?

SchoolModalityNumber of SectionsProportion of Class Sections by Modality
Web Remote20541.08%
A & LHybrid494.36%
Web Remote76868.33%
Web Remote29461.76%
Web Remote54167.79%
Web Remote11933.24%
Web Remote36041.10%

Can you please give an update on the status of the student unions re-opening? We want coffee!!

We are super excited about the opening of the Henderson Health & Sciences building!!!! What can we expect at the event?

Obviously you cannot answer this definitively, but has there been anything in communications from NSHE or the Governor that suggests we will again have to all go home like mid-March last year?

Will faculty be required to hold in-person office hours even if they are teaching fully online?

Office Hours: Each full-time Academic Instructional Faculty contract will include five (5) office hours per week, per semester on average; to be spread over several days during each semester. Access provided by office hours should account for the mode of delivery and schedule of the course(s) taught at any given time.

Are the class modality being changed as cases continue to rise or are we sticking to what we have planned?

Will Vegan lunches be provided from the food trucks at convocation?

We are being told we are a priority, but honestly, it does not feel like it. A coworker tested positive for COVID, was in the office and we were never informed even though many of us are immune compromised. We have made this very clear. The honor system is not working. We can still get sick if the conditions are outside of guidelines. There has been little support for telecommute even though it is unnecessary to be in the office and it feels like we are forced to work in potentially dangerous situations for no valid reason.

Is mandatory vaccination on the table with NSHE Board of Regents and CSN? Many US institutions across the US have already imposed this requirement for Fall 2021.

Is it a good idea to have beginning of semester meetings live?

Will academic affairs/school departments offer some type of standardized language for faculty to include in our syllabus related to COVID/face covering requirements/attendance, etc.?

Is there any talk about moving face-to-face classes to web-remote if the transmission rates get above a certain amount?

Regarding telecommuting, how likely is it that the supervisor’s decision will be upheld and supported by upper administration, without being dictated otherwise?

Are students’ input included in this decision making process? And if not, where can students go to make their voices heard?

Bill stated that we are using a Hybrid model however some supervisors are telling their staff they will not approve it and know that there is no an appeal process for the staff to get assistance.

Many of us do not have an hybrid option as Bill said. In fact we have lost many employees because of this. What is going to be done to ensure that we will have hybrid options in all areas?

I am glad that CSN is now being very clear that Supervisors need to be flexible with schedules especially with COVID is now on the rise. A lot of supervisors are denying and are not open to a more hybrid schedule for staff.

What is the likelihood of CSN going back to complete online/remote operations for Fall 2021? 

The current directive states that everyone should wear masks in all public spaces beginning Friday, are our own offices included?

Is mandatory vaccination on the table with NSHE Board of Regents and CSN? Many US institutions across the US have already imposed this requirement for Fall 2021.

I believe my question about hybrid/remote was misunderstood. What I am asking is if the Delta variant gets to a certain dangerous level – do you already have a plan to make things hybrid/remote across the board to provide everyone the same protection and safety, not just those who have roles that can easily be performed remotely?

Why isn’t the Chief Diversity Officer a panelist? Many of us have questions about Sawgrass and other diversity concerns but we are not able to get answers.

Several staff/people on CSN campuses are testing positive or around people who are positive, but they are not reporting. I feel uncomfortable being in the same space if a person has tested positive. How can I report them so that CSN has better data to the true numbers?

If the numbers of Covid cases continue to rise, will CSN go completely remote for both students and CSN staff?

Will we force staff to take ALL vaccines (shingles, flu…) for the safety and wellbeing of students and staff?

Many of our students’ financial situation has been exacerbated by the COVID-19, what is the college doing to help these students with the federal funding that CSN received. Spelman College is clearing outstanding tuition balances using federal funding from COVID-19. Where did the federal funding for CSN go?

Can more signage be placed outside of buildings and the parking lots where the COVID-19 testing and vaccination is being held for the students?

Please consider having outside signage to direct those seeking COVID testing/vaccine to prevent them from entering buildings or stopping others to ask for directions. Someone (unmasked) knocked on my car door window to ask me where they could get the vaccine. I’d prefer signs direct them rather than they feel the need to ask. Thank you!

Will our department meetings and deans meetings be remote during convocation?

I think we all know confrontations with people who refuse to follow mask guidelines on campus are inevitable. What extra security and support will be provided to faculty and staff to handle this problem? 

President Biden just imposed a policy of all federal employees be either vaccinated or submit to regular testing, so why our President Z cannot impose the same on our faculty, staff and students? 

The Spring 2022 teaching request form in my department didn’t have a space to request an overload class. Are overload classes being suspended for Spring 2022?

Please clarify… if you test positive if vaccinated you don’t have to quarantine?

Can CSN reinstate Covid sick time?

Businesses are starting to require weekly testing for COVID-19 for unvaccinated individuals. Will CSN start this process?

To return to the question about whether school and department meetings will be in-person: our dean has stated that we are expected to attend in-person. That message came to us over a week ago, but there has been no recanting of that demand. Will deans be required to allow faculty to opt out of in-person attendance despite this dean’s demand?

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