April 15, 2020 Daily Chronicle

Dear CSN Family,

Today we provide a couple of examples of the work that our student services team is engaged in to launch new remote platforms for delivering core student services in the important areas of student orientation and degree planning.

Our First Year Experience (FYE) team is scheduled to launch a new online student orientation next week. The web-based format will be an interactive experience, with dynamic videos, quiz questions and multiple points of connection to online resources at CSN. The format will generate robust data from pre- and post-tests to inform Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services, and the Disability Resource Center, on appropriate services that will need to be provided by each of their respective areas. FYE will have the ability to make content, assessment, and student communication updates easily to promote student success.

We are also excited to announce that the Degree Planner platform, an easy-to-use online tool from Starfish (MyCoyotePLAN) that allows students and their advisors to map out and track an entire academic path to graduation, will launch this summer, with August as our target for implementation. Once operational, Degree Planner can also help administrators by providing insights into course demand and influencing decisions on the best times for offering additional course sections.

These are but two of the examples of the “Students First” work undertaken by our student services team to improve student success in this remote environment. 

Finally, we want to remind you that we have scheduled another Virtual Town Hall this Friday and every week through the beginning of May. If you have questions about online services, remote summer instruction or the budget reduction plan, please be sure to attend. Our leadership team will be on hand to make sure you’re getting the information you need.

Rest assured that we will continue to provide you with the most recent information and operational updates that document our collective efforts to stay Vegas Strong and CSN Proud.

Stay safe and God bless.

Federico Zaragoza
College of Southern Nevada 

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