Blackstone LaunchPad Side Hustle Expo 

Student Entrepreneurs Showcased their Visions & Talents

The Inaugural CSN Blackstone LaunchPad Side Hustle Expo took place on Thursday, March 28th from 3PM – 5PM at the CSN North Las Vegas campus. The event, which was held in the June Whitley Student Lounge, offered a platform for our students to showcase their talents and side businesses. 

With students using tri-fold boards provided by Blackstone LaunchPad to present their ventures, the atmosphere of the Expo resembled that of a dynamic science fair, filled with creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Those in attendance said they were impressed by the diversity and ingenuity on display.

“The CSN Blackstone LaunchPad Side Hustle Expo was a resounding success,” said Eric Garner, Director, CSN Small Business & Entrepreneurship Development. “Our goal was to give students the opportunity to share their visions and dreams and it was evident these young entrepreneurs were really excited to be there”.

Organizers of the Side Hustle Expo said this event was not just about showcasing businesses, but also fostering a supportive community for student entrepreneurs. Attendees had the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and gain valuable insights from industry professionals. 

The first-place winner was CSN Sophomore, Salvador Duer, who launched his landscaping business, Duer Does it Green, 4 years ago. 

“I was ecstatic when I found out I won,” said Duer. “I wasn’t expecting it but this win has boosted my confidence to keep going after my dream of running my business full-time. My advice for other young business owners is to go after your passion. I see myself now starting a movement for eco-conscious lawn care which I think is very important here in Nevada”.

The second-place winner was Alyssa Daniel with her crochet business, Arttzyee.

CSN Business student Charity Logan was among the student entrepreneurs who took part in the Side Hustle Expo. She showcased her current side business, Haunted Confections, a baked goods decorating business with a “Halloween” twist.

“I have always been passionate about sweet treats and also horror-themed things,” said Logan. “This side business is a way I get to be creative and hopefully earn some extra money as well. I was excited to take part in this expo because it will allow me to learn how to network and share the story of my business with the community”.

In all, close to 40 student entrepreneurs took part in the eventand over 100 people attended. The top winners received more than $4000 in prizes, which included cash and MacBook’s.

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