Celebrate Black History Month

Dear CSN Family,

‌This month we celebrate the sacrifice, resilience, and bravery of African Americans throughout history. It is our goal at CSN to lift the voices of our students, staff and faculty with the strength and fearlessness to help create a better tomorrow through unity and solidarity. Join me in paying tribute to past, present and future African American leaders.

At CSN, we strongly believe our diversity is our strength, and we celebrate and honor the legacy of African Americans among our students, alumni and leadership. As our mission states, we are here to empower all our students and communities to achieve, succeed, and prosper. So let us devote this month to understanding, open dialogue, and honoring the many contributions of African Americans to our college, community, and nation. It is also a time to reflect on the work ahead and to remain steadfast in our commitment to racial equity diversity and inclusion.

As we kick off this monthlong celebration, I encourage our entire CSN community to recommit themselves to actively pursuing racial equality and social justice. My thanks to the CSN African American Heritage Committee for a series of events in honor of this special month.

‌- Federico

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