Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month

Dear CSN Family,

Please join me in celebrating and recognizing the contributions of our CSN LGBTQ+ community during LGBTQ+ History Month October 1-31. The monthlong celebration is dedicated to recognizing the achievements, talents and contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history.

First initiated in 1994 by high school history teacher Rodney Wilson, with the support of GLSEN, the Gerbert/Hart Library and other educators, LGBTQ+ History month quickly became an important opportunity to elevate the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ people. Recent years have seen significant progress in the telling of these stories so often overlooked in the mainstream historical narrative.

While we remain vigilant about the work left to do, let us pause to reflect on the advancements we have made in equality and celebrate the significant contributions that generations of LGBTQ+ people have made to our diverse communities. To learn more about LGBTQ+ culture and events at CSN, or to join the Queer Inclusive Campus Committee, please visit https://www.csn.edu/csn-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queerquestioning-allies-resource-page

For news on all diversity events, please bookmark: www.csn.edu/diversityevents.


This Month’s Diversity Events

Resources for Faculty, Staff, and Students:

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