CSN Celebrates International Women’s Day

CSN Family,

On this International Women’s Day, I invite you to please join me in celebrating women, and the entire Women’s History Month during the month of March. This month is dedicated to celebrating contributions of women throughout the course of history.

Having grown up in a household headed by a single mom and two sisters, I can affirm to the courage, strength, talent, and dedication that women possess, as well as their tireless efforts to overcome gender biases inherent in society. This month we celebrate women who have advocated tirelessly to achieve gender parity by championing important issues such as equal pay, voting rights, reproductive rights and access to education.

At CSN, we proudly join the National Women’s Alliance in promoting this year’s theme “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” This year, we honor the work of caregivers and frontline health care providers nurturing our communities during the pandemic and reflect on the generations of women who have provided healing and hope throughout history.

Our values as an institution are deeply rooted in the contributions, achievements, leadership, and strength of the women who help make CSN the family that it is.

We will be hosting several events and opportunities to celebrate the many contributions women have made to shape this country. This will also be an opportunity to recognize, thank, and witness the current and past work of our CSN women colleagues in a variety of fields. I encourage you to join us on as many Women’s History Events as possible.


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