CSN partners with Expertise Cosmetology Institute

For years it seems there has always been someone in the community advocating for CSN to develop a public cosmetology program. Whatever your opinion about that may be, I have an announcement that will interest you. 

CSN has entered into a partnership with Expertise Cosmetology Institute, located on Stella Lake Avenue. In all honesty, I could not tell you the difference between an extension and a highlight, but I know CSN can train stylists to operate successful businesses.

Starting this fall, the college will offer a business course at the institute with the hope that some of the students will come to CSN to complete a Certificate in Business Management.

This will help those students who intend to work for major salons or have their own operation create a business plan, design a budget and develop other major skills that will help them thrive in the community.   

We look forward to beginning this first course and perhaps expanding this collaboration to include more classes in the future.

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