CSN Students & Faculty Rally for Transgender Acceptance, Respect

By: Briana Mercado


Students, faculty and community leaders across the College of Southern Nevada are advocating for respect and acceptance of transgender individuals in response to recent comments made by NSHE Regent Patrick Boylan.

On March 27, members of CSN’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the Q Club, and the Nevada Faculty Alliance-CSN organized two rallies to protest the regent’s comments and promote Transgender Visibility. These rallies, held at the North Las Vegas and Charleston campuses, attracted a diverse audience comprising students, faculty, staff, and community members who stood in solidarity for transgender rights.

Speakers at the rallies included GSA chair Joe Hassert, DRC staff member Gavin Davis, CSN political science professor Alethea Martic, and CSN students Alex Perdue and Lucas Rodriguez. Additionally, community members Bada Ogee Taylor, Viannah Rose Taylor, and Rio Antone shared their perspectives on the importance of community and acceptance.

Hassert said the events aimed not only to protest but also to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, observed annually on March 31. He emphasized the significance of demonstrating support and respect for transgender members of the CSN community, countering bigotry and ignorance even when voiced by influential figures.

CSN’s GSA is planning to continue their advocacy by rallying at an upcoming NSHE Regent meeting on April 19, inviting interested individuals to join their cause by filling out a form for more information. Those interested in joining can fill out a short form at https://forms.office.com/r/fKJCWuYa6S┬áin order to receive information and reminders.

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