CSN Tutorial Centers Include Advanced Training

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Greetings from the College of Southern Nevada!

Student success is our top priority at CSN, which is why I’m excited to bring you this news. Our Tutorial Centers now include basic, advanced and master level training for tutors, certified by the College Reading and Learning Association, an internationally recognized certification for college level tutoring programs.

This means our students will receive the best possible assistance available that conforms to national standards regarding roles and responsibilities, communications, ethics, study skills strategies, and training for tutors. As always, this tutorial assistance is available for free.

Tutors work with students to explain course content, answer questions, and review for exams. When combined with other support services and academic units, tutoring becomes a powerful tool for helping students adopt successful study habits and learn difficult course material.

Tutorial Services centers are located on all three of our main campuses. Any CSN student can schedule a one-on-one tutoring session on any available subject, and he or she can do so as often as is necessary. In addition, students can stop by any of our several learning centers at any time, without an appointment. Most of these centers, including the math resource center, communication lab and the writing center, are partnerships between the various departments and Tutorial Services.

These centers are popular places for students to do their homework because tutors are on hand to answer questions that may come up.

“In a way, tutors are mentors,” Tutorial Services/Learning Centers Director Shellie Keller said. “It’s about so much more than knowing the content. It’s modeling what a successful student can be.”

Many tutors are current CSN students, though only the most successful can apply. Students wishing to be tutors must have high grades, a recommendation from a faculty member, and they have to pass rigorous testing to be approved.

This column ran online May 1, 2015 in El Tiempo.

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