Dr. Zaragoza’s Statement on Violence in U.S. Capitol

Dear CSN Family,

It is a sobering time in our great nation. The events that took place yesterday in our nation’s capital shocked us all. Four people lost their lives as we watched in horror, a mob of invaders laying siege to the U.S. Capitol, no regard for the safety of others, no regard for the safety of the police on hand to protect us, no regard for the safety of the members of the media who were there to make sure we are all informed.

This is a nation of ideals — ideals that have inspired generations. It is a nation of tradition, a nation of laws and not men, a nation that has healed from division before, and one that will recover from this latest rupture as well. We applaud the actions of our nation’s elected officials as they did their duty, as prescribed in the Constitution. They completed one last formal step in the electoral process, ready now for the peaceful transfer of power that we all have come to take for granted.

The College of Southern Nevada denounces the attack on our democracy. As a Latino American, I reject the symbols of hate and intolerance that were intended to inspire fear in the hearts of people of color, both present in Congress and across our nation. Moreover, I stand by our elected officials, our formal processes, and the integrity of the countless thousands of election workers and volunteers who oversaw an election that our nation’s top cybersecurity officials called “the most secure in American history.”

The nation has endured, and so shall we. If there is one thing this past year has shown, it’s our resilience. As NSHE Chancellor Dr. Melody Rose noted, education — not violence — is the path to real, lasting change. That bestows upon us, this nation’s educators, a great responsibility. It is a responsibility I know that we all cherish.

Federico Zaragoza
College of Southern Nevada

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