January Cabinet Minutes

January 11, 2010

Cabinet Members:

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Richards at 9 a.m. 

The notes of the December 14, 2009 cabinet meeting were approved.

Dr. Richards reminded everyone to take advantage of the workshops offered this week for convocation, and that next Monday, January 18 is the Martin Luther King holiday; then spring semester begins the following day. 

Patty Charlton began with an update on budget planning. Governor Gibbons has requested all state agencies to provide plans to make cuts from General Fund sources of between 6% and 10%–for the fiscal year we are in currently (2010). An 8% reduction would mean approximately $2.2M for CSN (March 2010 – June 30, 2010), and $6.5M in FY 2011. Plans are currently in draft form and will be discussed further through the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. The Budget Reduction Committee was re-instated and strategies are being discussed should the reductions be imposed. It is an all-college committee and through this committee information will be shared, more strategies will be developed, and the College Community will be engaged. The Budget Reduction Committee members are listed below: 

Mary Kaye Bailey, Lisa Bakke, Patty Charlton, Chemene Crawford, Bill Kerney, Cat Maihen, Dave Morgan, Mark Rauls, Judy Stewart, Dale Warby, Nate Waugh, Hyla Winters and Anne Zemek de Dominguez 

There will be a special meeting of the Board of Regents on February 2 to delve further into how an 8% reduction would impact and be implemented at each of the NSHE Institutions in both FY 2010 and FY 2011. For the current fiscal year, the initial operating budget for CSN included a projected shortfall, as we were concerned about the timeliness of Nevada’s economic recovery, but those funds alone will not be enough to cover an 8% cut, and operating reductions will be necessary if the cut is imposed. For the next FY, the impact will be a greater challenge. We will require input from faculty, staff, and students to develop the skeletal strategy for FY2011. We are not anticipating any additional increases to the Student Surcharge. The Offices of the President and Sr. Vice President for Finance and Facilities will keep faculty, staff and students apprised of the developments. There is speculation of the need for a Special Session. 

Dr. Richards spoke about the Northwest Campus and its importance in CSN’s strategic plan. Although the current state of the economy would seem to dictate holding off on the development of the Northwest Campus, there are many reasons to proceed. We can’t be short-sighted and need to look at CSN’s future. Right now construction costs are low, the opportunities for local employment would be helped, and we have worked very hard in getting the land grant. CSN does not currently have a presence in the northwest part of the valley, and that area is growing rapidly. 

Dr. Richards also reported that Chancellor Klaich and some key staff members went to Maryland to learn more about that system’s Efficiency and Effectiveness initiative. 

Cat Maihen updated the group on Classified Council activities. The bake sale raised $580; at the Classified Council meeting member accountability was the focus, and other fund-raising options. Cat said the Classified In-Service days went fairly well. Participation was down in some areas, but among the better-attended classes was one in self-defense. That will be offered again in the future.

Mark Rauls had little to report, since he just reported last month. He expressed his appreciation that faculty is included in the budgeting process ad-hoc committee to review programs. 

Mugunth Vaithylingam distributed the convocation schedule for the tech booths at the Cheyenne campus. The programs for convocation will include workshops, discussions, and raffle prizes provided by vendors. In other news form OTS, Dr. Richards attended employee recognition; a new computer refresh schedule is being developed; and a student manage-print solution is being tested this semester. 

Anne Zemek said there has been an increase in the number of unhappy/disgruntled students. It is important that employees in all areas know their department’s policies and procedures and follow them. Students should get the same information from everyone in the department. She reported also on the Sexual Harassment policy being expanded to clarify several things with regard to supervisor duties and responsibilities. 

Larry Mason told Cabinet that CSN has a convertible car in the Martin Luther King parade and encouraged everyone to attend.

Dave Morgan said there would be welcome back events at each of the campuses on January 19, 20 & 21.

Meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Next meeting scheduled February 8, 2010.

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