Juan Avalos 
Vice President Student Affairs

Dr. Avalos brings twenty-nine years of experience in higher education including four-year private, four-year public, and two-year public institutions to his role of Vice President of Student Affairs. Dr. Avalos brings strong accreditation and educational research backgrounds, as well as, extensive professional experiences leading Instructional, Student Support, and Administrative Services programs. He was previously at Chief Student Services Officer at Saddleback College and has a strong instructional background. Dr. Avalos grew up in South Los Angeles and was raised in a Spanish-speaking, blue-collar, immigrant-family household where he learned the importance of education, hard work, pursuing your dreams, and being of service to others. He is the first in his family to earn a college degree, earning his Bachelor of Science from UC Davis and Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees from UCLA. He has a vested interest in the success of CSN, as he has made it his life’s work to contribute to the empowerment of students, families, and communities.

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