May Cabinet Minutes

Cabinet Notes

May 09, 2011

Cabinet Members:
President Mike Richards
Vartouhi Asherian, Chair, Administrative Faculty Assembly
John Bearce, Director of Institutional Research
K.C. Brekken, Communications Director – absent 
Thomas Brown, Chief Campus Administrator, Cheyenne
Art Byrd, Vice President, Student Affairs – absent  
Patty Charlton, Senior Vice President for Finance & Facilities
Chemene Crawford, Interim Vice President for Administration    
J.T. Creedon, Student Government President
Darren Divine, Vice President, Academic Affairs – absent
Richard Hinckley, General Counsel
Bill Kerney, Faculty Senate Chair                            
Cat Maihen, President, Classified Council
Larry Mason, Chief Diversity Officer – absent  
Jacque Matthews, Executive Director, Foundation
Penny McCollum, Campus Site Administrator, Henderson Campus
Joan McGee, Chief Campus Administrator, Charleston Campus
Dan Morris, Executive Director, Business Operations  
Tracy Sherman, Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Mugunth Vaithylingam, Chief Information Officer – absent
Guest: Hyla Winters 

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Richards at 9 a.m. 

The April 18 Cabinet notes were approved. 

New Cabinet Members were introduced and welcomed:
Shellie Keller, AFA Chair
Charles Milne, Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Aimee Riley, Student Government President 

Dr. Richards reviewed upcoming events, including Commencement on May 23, the Memorial Day holiday on May 30, the Celebrity Golf Tournament, June 2, Fall Convocation at the Texas Station on August 22, and the beginning of the fall semester on August 29. 

Each month the Strategic Plan will be discussed and updated as to what progress has been made by divisions and departments. Joan McGee asked Jacque Matthews to give highlights of the Foundation’s Strategic Goals and Objectives in the Plan for this month’s report. Jacque began by telling the group that the Foundation Board of Trustees attended a planning retreat in November and covered the three core themes of CSN’s Strategic Plan: Access, Diversity and Quality. The objective of the retreat was to develop planning aligned with these core themes. They developed 5- and 10-year goals with 3 basic campaigns:

  1. Raising funds for CSN, perpetuating and promoting the College as a superior public institution providing post-secondary education
  2. Securing additional resources to enhance educational programs
  3. Assisting CSN in providing educational opportunities for the prosperity and well being of the individual and community

In December they formed 3 subcommittees to address first, construction and capital projects, in which they will work closely with Patty Charlton and Sherri Payne; second, institutional support; and third, scholarships.  Additionally, the Foundation Board will meet in June, maybe having a leadership summit. The fundraising goal for the next ten years is $250M. Jacque said there has been a real mindset change, knowing there will be little State support for the College, and the Foundation will take on more than ever before. 

Dr. Richards reminded everyone that Strategic Planning dovetails into Accreditation for each department and division; and he called on Hyla Winters to discuss CSN’s accreditation process and progress. 

Dr. Winters reviewed with the group the new accreditation process. The former system, with nine standards, has evolved to this new system with five standards which need to be continually assessed and reported. The accreditation process will align closely with the strategic plan. The first report is due September 1 and concerns Standard 1 only. A site visit is scheduled for spring of 2013, and will validate years 1 & 2 reporting. The various standards and visits will continue through spring of 2017, at which time CSN should be in full compliance with all five standards. The main idea and focus of the accreditation process is meant to keep the institution continually focused on the standards. Hyla has invited Dr. Ronald Baker, Executive Vice President for NWCCU (CSN’s accrediting body), to come to CSN this fall. The purpose of his visit is to meet with faculty and staff, faculty senate and administration and make suggestions, help with changes and give a pre-evaluation.  

Dr. Richards gave an update on the special Board of Regents meeting on Friday, May 6 and highlighted Chancellor Klaich’s 4-point plan. The plan’s main points are:

  1. The “smoothing” of cuts—same amount for each year of the biennium
  2. 13% increase in student fees each year with 15% allocated for Financial Aid
  3. Institutions to cut $43.3M  in expenditures each year
  4. Request for new money into the General Fund (suggestion of $80M)

The legislative money committees have accepted the plan, but it has to be voted on and approved by the Governor.

The Board adopted a re-districting plan for the Regents using the 2010 census as a guideline. The new districts were approved. 

Also at the meeting, Mark Johnson was named interim President for UNR; and Bart Patterson’s Efficiency and Effectiveness draft report has been posted to the NSHE website. 

Vartouhi Asherian reported that the AFA is still working to keep members informed of all the goings on at CSN. She thanked Patty Charlton and Richard Hinckley for attending the AFA meetings and helping with that task. She believes the information coming forth helps to alleviate some of the tension among administrative faculty. She is working with Diane Waryas to discern some of the climate survey feedback as well. 

Richard Hinckley reported that all proposals to the Legislature are on the table and we do not as yet know how it will turn out. Lines are still drawn along party lines and affecting bills and legislature, so the next few weeks are critical for communication with representatives. He urged everyone to make contact with the Senators and Assemblymen in each district. 

Bill Kerney thanked everyone and reminded them that this meeting would be his last one. There are four policies being discussed in Faculty Senate regarding elections, sabbatical, annual leave and distance education; the Senate will have a busy year. 

Jacque Matthews reported briefly on the Legacy of Achievement Gala on April 30. She thanked everyone who attended and volunteered. She was pleased with the amount of money raised in this difficult economic climate and reported $400,000-$500,000 that CSN will keep after all expenses for the event are paid. She said that next year the Gala will take place earlier in the month. 

Dan Morris said the registration function of iNtegrate went live for CSN on April 26. The process went fairly well, with a few issues to work through. About 9,000 were successfully registered through the system with 5,200 FTE. Communication for MyCSN was delivered primarily by email. Pre-requisites are being checked in the system, which is a change from SIS and good verification that only students who are prepared for the class are being allowed to take it. All milestones for the iNtegrate project are currently on point. 

Dr. Richards announced some changes in Administration as a follow up to an email sent this morning. Among the changes are Dr. Byrd’s retirement, the elimination of the Administrative Operations Division, and Dr. Chemene Crawford’s appointment as interim VP for Student Affairs. He updated the group on the Work Climate Survey still being evaluated by the committee. He believes he will have a report from that committee by the next cabinet meeting. He reported that 23 individuals received outstanding student awards, two Regent Scholarships were awarded, and the first Jack Kent Cooke scholarship ever awarded in Nevada went to a CSN student this year. Only 50 of these prestigious scholarships are awarded nationally. 

Dr. Richards asked everyone to attend commencement on May 23 at Thomas & Mack. 

Meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Next meeting scheduled June 13, 2011.


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