President’s Announcement on Collective Bargaining


As most of you know, the Nevada Faculty Alliance (NFA) was authorized by the Board of Regents to pursue an election regarding collective bargaining for academic faculty.  Through that process, 524 eligible employees were invited to participate in the election.   Results of the election—263 “yes” votes–show the required number of votes were received, and we look forward to moving ahead with the collective bargaining process.  By law, there is a 60-day period during which both the bargaining unit and CSN management will prepare to engage in the bargaining process.

I have had a number of questions about collective bargaining and governance:

1. How does this change affect the Faculty Senate? 

Board policy provides for both collective bargaining and a Faculty Senate.  In the past, the Faculty Senate has been the recognized, elected body representing faculty.  That will be modified now.  At other institutions, both the Faculty Senate and the “bargaining unit” exist side by side, with the collective bargaining process governed by Board of Regents policy, Title 4, Chapter 4.

2. How are topics for bargaining determined?

By policy, topics for bargaining are listed on page 10 of the Regents’ policy, and the NFA can choose from that list the topics it wishes to pursue.

3. What does this mean for administrative faculty?

The Faculty Senate will continue to represent administrative faculty, and I will continue to meet with the Administrative Faculty Assembly leadership as I have in the past. 

4. What does this mean for CSN generally?

Establishment of a collective bargaining unit adds an important dimension to CSN governance and to the organizational culture of the College.  In early conversations with the president of the NFA chapter, I have committed to an amicable process that considers the mission of the College and our students. 

I hope this information is helpful.  As there are further developments over the summer, we will, of course, keep the college community informed.



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