Spring 2022 Semester COVID-19 Safety


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Dear CSN Students,

Welcome to the Spring 2022 semester! We want to remind you that the health and safety of students and employees continues to be our top priority. Unfortunately, we are in yet another surge of positive COVID-19 cases, due in large part to the highly contagious Omicron variant. 

The good news is that approximately 98 percent of CSN employees are fully vaccinated, as are an estimated 72 percent of the state‚Äôs college students. We must continue to be flexible and vigilant. In addition to encouraging vaccinations, CSN continues with the following strategies: 

Campus support services and classes will remain in person. Our CSN departments, faculty, and support areas have contingency plans in the event temporary measures become necessary. 

On-campus events will be deferred until the current environment improves. 

CSN has a broad array of services and support to assist our students, including counseling, support for those with disabilities, free resources for STEM students, and free clothing or personal items for those in need. In addition, the Student Emergency Fund | CSN provides students with assistance when faced with an unexpected emergency situation.  

Please continue to look for additional guidance and information on our COVID-19 webpage https://at.csn.edu/covid19 and from the CSN leadership team.

Wishing you a great Spring 2022 semester. 

Federico Zaragoza
College of Southern Nevada

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