Summer 2012 Chronicle

The CSN Summer Chronicle

 Greetings, and welcome to The CSN Chronicle for summer 2012.   This has been a busy summer, and I want to give you a brief update on a number of projects and studies. 

CSN Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Santos Martinez

Welcome, Dr. Santos Martinez, Vice President for Student Affairs.  Dr. Martinez joined us in June, just in time for annual audits and reviews of Student Affairs.  Under his leadership a broad review of Student Affairs is underway, and a third-party assessment of the entire function will start this month. Dr. Martinez has quickly become an expert on Student Affairs at CSN and a wonderful member of the executive team.  We’re very pleased that he has joined us.

Plan to Become a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI):  CSN has completed a formal plan to become eligible for Title V funds as a Hispanic Service Institution (HSI).  Once achieved, this designation, which requires CSN’s student body to be made up of 25 percent full-time equivalent Hispanic students for two years, will allow CSN to compete for federal grant funds under Title V for projects that benefit all students.   

Preparations for Regional Accreditation Visit and Year-Three Report:  A committee of faculty and staff members has completed the Year-Three Report, and it’s an excellent one, full of current information about CSN activities.  Other preparations are also underway for the October visit of the accreditation team.

Legislative Interim Study on the Funding Formula for Higher Education:  Occupying much of the spring and summer, this study is expected to conclude on Aug. 29 with a meeting at CSN.  A committee of legislators, regents, and gubernatorial appointees has engaged in an overhaul review of the funding formula.  Three subcommittees are examining formula mechanics, performance funding, and community college funding, respectively.  The subcommittees are expected to make final recommendations at the Aug. 29 meeting.  CSN has been consistently following and participating in the revision process.  Faculty and staff members have provided helpful testimony at committee meetings.  Working with the Chancellor’s staff, CSN has provided input into the new model(s) and has met with committee members and legislative leaders to ensure that the historical equity problem is funded and that CSN receives fairer treatment in any new funding formula.

Review of Salary Schedules for Community Colleges:  Carolyn Collins, John Sc arborough, and Dr. Charles Milne have been part of a committee to revise the salary schedule for community colleges.  This complicated and difficult work is essential to CSN’s ability to offer competitive compensation and to appropriately recruit and retain qualified faculty and staff.  CSN appreciates the service of these three folks, particularly because their research, advocacy, and articulation have generally shaped recommendations for a better salary schedule.

Meeting of the Board of Regents on Aug. 24:  The Board of Regents will set budget and capital priorities for the 2013 executive budget and legislative session at a special meeting at DRI in Las Vegas. CSN’s capital priority is to complete the renewal of the Cheyenne campus.  For the operating budget, CSN has three priorities:  1) restore faculty and staff compensation to contract base levels and discontinue salary cuts and furloughs, 2) adopt and fund the new funding formula, and 3) fund PEBP improvements for employee benefits.

CSN was ranked the No. 1 associate-degree granting institution in science technologies/technician for Latino students, according to a recent report by Excelencia in Education. This summer, CSN was also ranked the top producer of two-year science technologies degrees in the nation, according to Community College Week’s Top 100 Associate Degree Producers 2012 report. 

Budget Outlook for 2013-15: CSN and the system of higher education are cautiously optimistic about the budget outlook for the next biennium. After six years of budget cuts and retrenchment, all institutions of higher education would like to see improved funding for compensation and a more earnest investment in higher education services for students.  

Early indications are that state revenues are modestly up and the budget preparations will include no further cuts to education in Nevada.  

However, new expenditure demands as a result of changes in Medicaid funding and health coverage may impact Nevada, as well as other states.  CSN will follow these developments as closely as possible.

For my part at CSN, I will continue to keep you updated so that you remain informed about the state budget and legislative processes.  All CSN employees and students have a stake in a successful legislative session next year.

Congratulations:  Associate Vice President of Financial Services Mary Kaye Bailey has been selected as a recipient of the Rising Star Award from the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

Sr. Vice President of Finance and Administration Patty Charlton was honored during NACUBO’s 50th anniversary in Washington, D.C., as they highlighted the past and future role of the business officer in higher education.

CSN floral student Teryl Tollefsen-Soren won first place honors in the American Institute of Floral Designers’ (AIFD) 2012 Student Floral Design Competition last month in Miami. Out of 12 colleges and universities with 37 students competing, CSN was represented by three outstanding floral design students and consistently placed in the top 10. The college took second place for best overall school.

In addition, CSN’s competitive culinary team won bronze at the Western regionals.


Upcoming Events:
On Thursday, Aug. 9, CSN will host the U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis, Women’s Bureau Acting Director Latifa Lyles, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Assistant Secretary David Michaels and the Office of Disability Employment Policy Assistant Secretary Kathy Martinez to discuss challenges facing working women and resources available to address those challenges. The forum will take place in D101, starting at 2 p.m.

CSN has developed emergency management plans and made a number of physical improvements to strengthen campus security.  A newsletter on our emergency management efforts will be forthcoming to let you know about these plans and improvements.  We all have an obligation to keep CSN a safe working environment.

A reminder that Convocation will be held on Monday, Aug. 20, at Texas Station at 8:30 a.m. Please make sure to RSVP at

 Also on Aug. 20, please join us at Cheyenne in the Telecommunications Auditorium for the CSN Achieving the Dream Kick Off at 2:15 p.m.  CSN’s data and leadership coaches Dr. Ken Gonzalez and Dr. John Nixon will talk about what ATD means for CSN. 

Questions from Faculty and Staff Members:

“Can part-time employees attend the Convocation Kick Off in addition to the Part-time Faculty Conference?”

Yes. Part-time faculty are encouraged to attend both events if they so choose. At convocation, we will provide multiple reports that will be of interest to those employed at CSN. In addition, I have the honor to present the Distinguished Employee of the Year awards to classified, administrative faculty, full-time faculty and part-time faculty members.

Best wishes,


  –Mike Richards

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