The importance of STEM education

Robots battling from the 2012 CSN Sci Tech Expo


On April 19, the College of Southern Nevada will host approximately 3,000 K-12 students at our Cheyenne campus at our annual Science & Technology Expo.

We introduce these young minds to the latest research and exciting careers in a number of fields, including robotics, engineering, aviation, and health sciences. All are welcome. 

As an educator, I am increasingly concerned that not enough of our youth are attracted to careers in science and technology. I understand these fields lack a certain “cool” factor with our children, but the future of our state depends upon economic diversification and technologic advancement. In addition, there are high-demand, well-paying jobs out there now that CSN can prepare students for with a two-year associate degree.

In fact, in 2012, CSN was identified as the largest producer of two-year science technology related degrees in the nation.  This degree category relates to our Associate of Science Degree and more women and more Latinos are graduating with two-year degrees in this area at CSN than any other community college in the nation, according to the national publication Community College Weekly’s Top 100 Associate Degree Producers in 2012 report and a 2012 report from Excelencia in Education.

The Excelencia study, “Finding Your Workforce,” found a disturbing trend indicating that Latinos in STEM fields are more likely to be in lower paying service occupations. More

CSN Veterinary Technician students teaches students about reptile care at the 2012 CSN Sci Tech Expo.

education is needed to help eliminate this gap. A good place to start is with our K-12 students and inspiring a passion for exploration, knowledge and research.

CSN’s Science & Technology Expo on April 19 can help.

We welcome our community to our campus and hope to see you on the 19th. For more information, please check out our event calendar, located on our home page at


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