Upcoming Multi-campus District Projects

This is an exciting transition for the College of Southern Nevada. As we continue efforts to implement the multi-campus model your support and collaboration is important and greatly appreciated.

As CSN positions itself to close gaps in student retention and completion, the transition plan will require focused attention on Student Enrollment Management (“SEM”). The counseling team has identified opportunities to help advance the college’s priorities of helping student graduate, complete, transfer and prosper. The Campus Vice Presidents and Provosts are responsible for directing and monitoring the results of the following initiatives at their respective campuses.

The goal is to enhance the system to support our operations and help us deliver support services more efficiently. The Counseling Department Program Leads will oversee four important projects.  During the next 30 days, the Program Leads will share updates and solicit feedback to ensure resources and processes are easier to navigate and more accessible.

Open houses will be held monthly, in which Interim Chair Valerie Conner and Program Leads welcome faculty, staff and students to learn about and comment on the departments services. The information below provides a snapshot of the 30-day plan and assigned leads.

E-Alert: Lead – Amy Palmer

Wrap Around Services: Lead – Luis Ortega

Co-curricular Programs: Lead – Esther Pla-Cazares

Mentoring: Lead – Shawn Claxton


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